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Office Ergonomics Take 5 Monitor Lighting, Reflection, and Glare The display screen may reflect light from overhead lights, task lights, or light from windows. The reflections and the resultant glare can increase the difficulty of visual work. Glare Glare can be minimized by appropriate attention to workstation considerations such as proper lighting. Glare may be […]


Office Ergonomics Vision Posture Most displays feature a variety of adjustments which enable you to set up your equipment in a way most comfortable to you To determine the correct height of the monitor, look in the middle of the screen: If your head is angled up, then the monitor is too high and should […]


Office Ergonomics Monitor Mouse Experiment with the position of your chair, keyboard, and monitor to find the arrangement that works best for you The ideal work position is to have your arms hanging relaxed from your shoulders. This is both for sitting and standing options When using a keyboard, your arms should be bent at […]


Office Ergonomics Posture Keyboard Position the mouse at the same level as the keyboard and close enough that you can use the mouse without having to stretch or lean over When you use the mouse, hold it lightly with all fingers and click gently. Move the mouse with your entire arm instead of using only […]


Office Ergonomics Mouse Chair Your hand, wrist and finger position as you type: Over time an awkward position and wrist may cause stress and strain and potentially lead to injuries. Good typing ergonomics can help keep you productive and pain-free as you work. Place your hands on the keyboard Raise/lower your chair and if standing, […]


ADJUSTING YOUR CHAIR Keyboard Desk Chair Height Lever is usually on the right side below the seat pan. The correct chair height helps relieve cramping and stiffness in your legs. It also helps to prevent stress and tension in your neck and shoulders Set the chair height so that the underside of your elbows are […]


Office Ergonomics Chair Take 5 The way you organize the elements of your workplace to fit your individual needs is the most important consideration in working comfortably. You can save time and effort throughout the work day by taking a few minutes to think about the best position for your equipment and the most effective […]

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Office Ergonomics Desk Vision Stand up, stretch or shift position frequently throughout the day to give your body some relief from sitting and ensure good circulation To give your body some relief from sitting, stand up, stretch or shift position on your chair throughout the day frequently to ensure good circulation If you have a […]