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Office Ergonomics


Your hand, wrist and finger position as you type:

Over time an awkward position and wrist may cause stress and strain and potentially lead to injuries. Good typing ergonomics can help keep you productive and pain-free as you work.

  • Place your hands on the keyboard
  • Raise/lower your chair and if standing, lower or raise the work surface so that your forearms are parallel to the floor
  • A footrest may be helpful if after adjusting your chair your feet can no longer touch the floor
  • The keyboard should be placed near the edge of the desk. This prevents extending your arms or leaning to reach for the keyboard
  • A microbead wrist rest may be helpful in front of the keyboard to support wrists and keep them straight
  • When keyboarding glide over the wrist rest or work surface, pivoting from elbows
  • Do not plant wrists