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Office Ergonomics


The way you organize the elements of your workplace to fit your individual needs is the most important consideration in working comfortably. You can save time and effort throughout the work day by taking a few minutes to think about the best position for your equipment and the most effective use of your space.

Make sure that you:

  • Have sufficient desk area which allows you to position your keyboard, mouse, display, document holder and other items in the way that works best for you
  • Organize your desk to reflect the way you use work materials and equipment. Place the things that you use most regularly, such as a mouse or telephone, within the easiest reach
  • Vary your tasks and take periodic breaks. This helps to reduce the possibility of discomfort or fatigue


  • Keep your telephone where it is easily accessible.
  • Bring it close to you or relocate it so that you are not reaching to pick up the receiver
  • Do not hold the receiver between your neck and shoulder
  • A telephone headset is encouraged especially if the telephone is frequently used