SAFE PRACTICES / Working at Heights

Soundstage Permanents

When working outside the catwalks, in the unprotected area of the permanents known as the “ozone,” you must use fall arrest equipment. This equipment includes: a full body harness and a self-retracting lanyard.

Prior to using any fall protection equipment,Southern CA IATSE employees are required to have passed the CSATF Safety Pass Course D – Fall Protection.

  • Inspect all fall protection equipment prior to use
  • Locate an anchorage point for the self-retracting lanyard (SRL). Single-user anchorage points are located on the soundstage trusses and have been identified with a yellow tag
  • Select an anchorage point as close as possible to where you are working to avoid or limit a swing fall
  • Connect the SRL to the anchorage point with a self-locking carabiner
  • Attach the double-locking snap hook from the SRL to the “D” ring located on the back of your harness
  • Avoid quick or sudden movements in any direction to prevent loss of balance from line tension or locking
  • The SRL maintains normal line tension when line is being steadily extracted and retracted. Do not allow the SRL to go slack
  • Practice using your attached SRL on the catwalk. This will familiarize you with the tension and locking actions of the system and make you aware of the forces applied to your body by the line during movement
  • If you need to move farther than the SRL will allow, return to the catwalk and find another anchorage point
  • Never try to increase the length of an SRL by attaching it to another SRL.Never detach from the SRL until you are safely back on the catwalk

WARNING: Do not allow the retractable lifeline to wrap around your arm. Do not turn and/or reach over the lifeline.


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