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Inspection Procedures for OSHA And Other Regulatory Agencies

Several types of events or scenarios may cause an inspector from the California Occupational Safety Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) or other California State regulatory agency to visit the set.  Some examples: a serious accident has occurred; an employee complaint has been registered with a regulatory agency, the inspector was driving by the production and noticed areas of non-compliance.

If an inspector arrives, follow the procedures below:

  • 1.
    Notify the Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs (S&EA) immediately at 818-954-2890, as well as your physical production executiv Inform the inspector that you cannot proceed with the inspection until those notifications have been made.
  • 2.
    If requested by S&EA or the Production Attorney, ask the OSHA inspector to wait for S&EA’s arrival. If authorized by S&EA, accompany the inspector directly to the site in question If possible, do not let the inspector wander into other areas.
  • 3.
    The inspector’s credentials should be requested and examined, and the nature of the visit should be determi Be courteous, but cautious.
  • 4.
    Do not sign anything or provide any written documentation. Ask that their request for any written material be put in writing so that we may respond in writing, as this is company policy.
  • 5.
    Under OSHA regulations, an inspector has the right to privately interview crew member However, the crew 
members should be informed by the Production or S&EA that they have the right to have either a union representative or attorney present during the interview.
  • 6.
    The inspector has the right to take photograph. However, it is important that the production company takes 
duplicate photographs of those taken by the inspector.
  • 7.
    DO NOT volunteer information or speculation. Provide short, direct, concise answers to questions posed by the inspector. If you truly don’t know the answers, simply tell the inspector that you “do not know”.
  • 8.
    Take detailed notes during the inspection Immediately after the inspection forward a copy of the notes to the VP S&EA as well as your production’s management.
  • 9.
    Depending upon the severity of the incident, the results of the inspection may determine whether there is basis for the State to pursue criminal action, and an inspector may not inform you of this However, you have the right to remain silent; have your business agent in attendance and/or the right to have legal counsel present when making statements to inspectors.

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