Craft Service: Food Preparation On Sets And Mobile Food Vehicles

All productions working at Warner Bros. Studios are expected to comply with LA County Department of Public Health guidelines regarding service of food and refreshments.  Please see the following bulletins from LAC DPH, which addresses food that can be served by craft service without a permit, protocols for receipt of food delivery, and information about mobile food facilities and catering operations.


Mobile Food Facility Vehicles*

Food served by an employee of a Certified Food Facility who possesses a Food Manager Card or Handling Card for Catering is permissible; however, the kitchens in the WBSO sound stages are not permitted and cannot be used for any food preparation.

If you intend to use a Mobile Food Preparation Truck (Hot Truck); a Mobile Food Facility (Cold Truck); Trailer, Cart or any of the other mobile food facility vehicles, the LA County Department of Public Health requires that the person cooking in the mobile food facility must have a current “Manager’s Food Handling Certificate”, and the vehicle(s) must be permitted by the LAC DPH Vehicle Inspection Program (V.I.P.).  Permit requirements to operate a food truck or any food service are complex, and the process to obtain the agency’s permit can be slow and laborious.

The following documents, stickers, etc. are necessary to know that the truck/trailer is in compliance:

  • 1.
    County of Los Angeles “Public Health Operating Permit” (Annual)
  • 2.
    Initial Inspection Sticker (Issued when truck passed VIP inspection.)

If you have any questions please call Gloria Gama-Tafoya (818-954-2890), Manager Ergonomics and Safety Resources.

You may also reach LAC DHS Vehicle Inspection Program (V.I.P.) at 626-430-5500, or the Food and Milk Program at (626) 430-5400

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