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Federal and state regulatory requirements mandate the posting of certain health & safety documents so that they are clearly visible to all cast and crew members. Many of the regulatory agency postings are also available online.

It is recommended that these required documents be posted in areas accessible to all cast and crew members.

During filming or taping on production locations and stages:

It is recommended that bulletin boards be fabricated and placed near the craft service area or other area frequented by production employees on a regular basis.

During construction, rigging, and other prep activities:

It is recommended that these documents be posted on bulletin boards in a practical location such as a lunch area or near the foreman’s desk.

In office areas:

Generally, a break or reception area is recommended.

While it is the responsibility of the A.D. Department and other individual department heads to ensure that these documents are properly posted, it may be possible for the construction and set medics to be responsible for the placement of the bulletin boards and the movement from location to location. The Production Medic may also be instrumental in the completion of the Emergency Information poster.

The following safety posters are available for productions worldwide:

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For U.S. Productions, the following posters should also be posted:

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