WB Safety Hotline:  (818) 954-2800
Toll Free U.S./Canada:  (877) 566-8001
HBO Safety Hotline:  +1 (877) 742-3044

Safety & Environmental Affairs (S&EA)

Warner Bros. Safety & Environmental Affairs provides support in three major areas: Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Affairs, and Feature/TV Production Safety.

S&EA works with in-house employees and production to create production safety guidelines and monitors all Warner Bros. productions worldwide, including: WBSO, WB Pictures, WBTV, WB Animation, Warner Unscripted Television, Bonanza Productions, Telepictures, SHED Media, and New Line Cinema, LLC.

S&EA also acts as the interface between the studio and government agencies representing the enforcement of local, state, and federal codes regulating employee occupational and environmental health and safety. (e.g. Cal/OSHA) and the environmental health of Warner Bros. Studio (EPA, SCAQMD, City of Burbank & LAC Dept. of Health). Warner Bros. expects all its employees to perform their work in a safe manner and report any safety concerns or unsafe practices they observe by calling the Anonymous Safety Hotline at 818-954-2800. If you have any questions or concerns regarding environmental regulations, chemical containing products, ergonomic safety, or food safety in your work area, please contact the Safety office at 818-954-2890.

For the purposes of this WBSO Operational Handbook, we have provided the following brief overview of some of the guidelines for the safe use of the WB facility. This overview contains general safety guidelines for employees and supervisors, safety training information for employees, and examples of the types of events that would trigger WB S&EA involvement. We also have provided some technical information regarding our Soundstage Floors and Trusses; Set Construction Safety; how to manage chemical-containing products; and environmental regulations covering air and water quality.
“Safety on the Set” Website

Additional safety information can be found on our S&EA website: www.safetyontheset.com and is available to all productions. There you will find a printable version of the Production Safety Manual for Warner Bros. and its affiliates, Codes of Safe Practices covering employee safety for both construction and production personnel, Tool Box Talks, updated Safety Bulletins from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), and the Safety Forms you will need to complete regularly during the construction, production and strike phases of your show.


The website is regularly updated to include new Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and information that will be helpful to your production in achieving compliance. Every employee has a role and responsibility in safety.


All employees, regardless of position, are required by law to notify management of any existing potential safety hazards of which they are aware. Use the Anonymous Safety Hotline (818) 954-2800.

This website and the information contained in the Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) are intended and authorized for the use of employees of this Company only; they are not intended for, nor should they be used by, the general public or any third parties. If you have not been expressly directed to this site by the Warner Bros. Studio Operations Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs, you are not authorized to use this website and you must exit now. The IIPP is a general outline of safe work practices to be used as a guideline for our productions to provide a safe work environment for our employees. Because each particular work situation is different, these IIPP guidelines are intended to be used in conjunction with consulting the appropriate production supervisors and seeking the assistance of our Production Safety personnel. The information contained in this IIPP is not a legal interpretation of any federal, state or local regulations, laws or standards. No warranty is made about any of the contents of this website.