WB Safety Hotline:  (818) 954-2800
Toll Free U.S./Canada:  (877) 566-8001
HBO Safety Hotline:  +1 (877) 742-3044
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General Warnings And Notifications / Set Construction Safety

HANDBOOK General Warnings and Notifications PROP 65 WARNINGCalifornia Prop 65 requires businesses to give a “clear and reasonable warning” prior to exposing any person to a detectable amount of a chemical listed by the state as covered by the Prop 65 Statute. The list contains a wide range of chemicals. Many of them are ingredients […]

Managing Chemical-Containing Products

HANDBOOK General Purchasing Practices Purchase materials, especially chemical products, in the smallest quantity possible. Paint and Painting Materials Purchase paint and paint-related products that comply with all local or state environmental regulatory agency requirements. The WBSO Paint Dept. sells compliant painting materials. Paint rags should be used sparingly.  Air drying rags or throwing used rags, […]

WBSO Sewer and Storm Drain Policies

The types of materials discharged to the sewer or storm drain systems are highly regulated by local, state, and federal law. The chart below reflects Warner Bros. policy as to what can be discharged into each system.